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An angiographic ­peculiarity that may cause confusion

Andreas Yiangou Andreou

Coronary angiography

An angiographic ­peculiarity that may cause confusion


Video files for the article cvm.2017.00497

You will find the full text of the article here: Coronary vein visualisation during primary percutaneous coronary ­intervention

Video 1: Initial RCA angiogram displaying total occlusion in the mid segment and a faintly visualized vessel at the area of the acute margin of the heart that was initially considered to be the distal RCA being collateralized from the RVB.

Video 2: Angiography during PCI on the RCA. The guide wire is seen in the distal RCA outside the faintly visualized vessel which is now more clearly visualized together with its draining point thereby qualifying for a coronary vein.

Video 3: Angiography during PCI on the RCA. The vessel recognized as a coronary vein and its drainage point is clearly visible.

Video 4: Final RCA angiogram after stenting without any evidence of the previously seen coronary vein.

Andreas Yiangou Andreou

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