Collection 2018/3


Review article

Piccolo Raffaele, Windecker Stephan

Debate - from SYNTAX to ­FREEDOM and STICH: PCI is ­moving to centre stage


Breitenstein Alexander

Implantable loop recorders

Original article

Mueller¹ Pascal, Sauter Barbara, Noll Sarah, Siegrist Patrick, Alibegovic Jasmina, Lüscher Thomas F., Galassi Alfredo R., Gaemperli Oliver

Treatment of patients with chronically occluded coronary arteries

Case report

Roberto Marco, Stampfli Tomoe, Schaub Emmanuel, De Benedetti Edoardo

An unusual case of Takotsubo ­cardiomyopathy

Images in cardiovascular medicine

Di Valentino Marcello, Moccetti Marco, Previsdomini Marco, Biasco Luigi, Menafoglio Andrea

"Electrical Takotsubo"


Swiss Amgen Cardiology Research Award 2018

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