Collection 2015/01


Binder RK, Lüscher TF

Duration of dual antiplatelet therapy after coronary artery stenting

Review article

Hendriks J, Strömberg A

Integrated Nurse-led Oral Anticoagulation Management in a Specialised Atrial Fibrillation Clinic

Meyer P, Spahr L

Heart and cirrhosis

Altmann DR, Rickli H

Vorhofflimmern und Herzinsuffizienz

Images in cardiovascular medicine

Cattaneo M, Muzzarelli S, Faletra F, Porretta AP, Siclari F, Gallino A

Kussmaul's sign in effusive constrictive pericarditis

Noble S, Maillefer A, Cikirikcioglu M

Extreme motion of an infected aortic bioprosthesis

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