Collection 2014/12

Review article

Siegrist P, Sumitsuji S

Chronic total occlusion: current methods of revascularization

Cummins A, Gubler C

Esophageal complications after cardiac interventions

Original article

Pilgrim T, Stortecky S, Tiefenthaler K, Windecker S, Heg D, O'Sullivan C, Gloekler S, Nietlispach F, Khattab AA, Buellesfeld L, Moschovitis A, Meier B, Wenaweser P

Outcome of patients with severe aortic stenosis undergoing ad hoc transcatheter aortic valve implantation without invasive pre-evaluation

Images in cardiovascular medicine

Coattrenec Y, Vanermen H, Katchathourov G, Goy JJ

MitraClip™: What should not be done?

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