Collection 2014/10

Review article

Namdar M, Teres C, Shah D

Atrial fibrillation – novel insights from pathophysiology

Bianda C, Klimusina J, Suerder D, Gallino A

Coronary fibromuscular dysplasia: a rare cause of familial acute coronary syndrome. Case report and review of the literature.

Rutishauser W

The early development of cardiology in Zurich – a personal account. Part II

Case report

Kraege V, Bloch J, Baumgartner JD, Fromer M, Delabays A

A rare cause of pacemaker related endocarditis

The interesting ECG

Müggler SA, Dillier R

Postural changes in T waves

Images in cardiovascular medicine

Desai S, Najib M, Gill MT, Fatima U, Loli A

Atrial myxoma resulting in severe mitral stenosis

Eppinger N, Maeder MT

The L wave - a reminder

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