Collection 2014/04

Review article

Fässler C, Herzog B, Tanner F, Kaufmann P, Biaggi P

Differentielle Bildgebung bei der Beurteilung der Mitralinsuffizienz

Case report

Andreou AY, Kyriakou K, Kasinos N, Avraamides PC

Double raphed bicuspid aortic valve and the "reverse S" coronary angiographic sign

Pavlovic N, Reichlin T, Knecht S, Osswald S, Sticherling C, Kühne M

A patient with chest pain, AV dissociation and a paced ventricular rhythm

The interesting ECG

Rosa A, Combes N, Boveda S

An ICD case: „Spike quiz“

Images in cardiovascular medicine

Andreou A, Kasinos N, Avraamides PC

Retrocardiac sinus node artery: a previously undescribed anatomical variation


Rüegg V

Forschungspreis „Frau & Herz“

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