Collection 2014/02

Case report

Molina Jaque F, Rahardja AC, Watson T, Webster M

Coronary spasm provocation testing: still useful?

Wyss CA, Dastoor A, Corti R

Mechanical thrombectomy after embolic internal carotid artery occlusion in acute stroke

Images in cardiovascular medicine

Panneerselvam A

Unusual complication of transradial coronary angiography

Holm N, Bächli E, Hoefflinghaus T

Lost in space - left lateral cardiac displacement due to an unusual cause

Official communications

Guldenfels K

Swiss Society of Cardiology Cardiovascular Biology Prize

Continuous medical education

Conen D

Wann ist bei Hypertonie-Patienten eine Echokardiographie nötig?

Rexhaj E, Rimoldi SF, Brenner R, Pireva A, Cerny D, von Arx R, Sartori C, Scherrer U, Allemann Y

Role of fetal programming and epigenetic mechanisms in the pathogenesis of arterial hypertension

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