Collection 2012/11

Original article

Bonetti Nicole R, Namdar Mehdi, Guenthard Huldrych F, Gruner Christiane, Greutmann Matthias, Steffel Jan, Huerlimann David, Ruef Christian, Tanner Felix C, Jenni Rolf, Biaggi Patric

Early versus late initial echocardiographic assessment in infective endocarditis: similar findings and no difference in clinical outcome

Case report

Gabus Vincent, Schwitter Juerg, Eeckhout Eric, Locca Didier

Left ventricular apical ballooning syndrome with extensive myocardial late gadolinium enhancement

The interesting ECG

Klimusina Julija, Menafoglio Andrea

A dangerous spike: cause or coincidence?

Images in cardiovascular medicine

Buser Marc, Dellas Buser Theresa, Bremerich Jens, Tobler Daniel

Heart failure in a patient with multi-organ sarcoidosis

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