Collection 2012/11

Original article

Bonetti NR, Namdar M, Guenthard HF, Gruner C, Greutmann M, Steffel J, Huerlimann D, Ruef C, Tanner FC, Jenni R, Biaggi P

Early versus late initial echocardiographic assessment in infective endocarditis: similar findings and no difference in clinical outcome

Case report

Gabus V, Schwitter J, Eeckhout E, Locca D

Left ventricular apical ballooning syndrome with extensive myocardial late gadolinium enhancement

The interesting ECG

Klimusina J, Menafoglio A

A dangerous spike: cause or coincidence?

Images in cardiovascular medicine

Buser M, Dellas Buser T, Bremerich J, Tobler D

Heart failure in a patient with multi-organ sarcoidosis

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