Collection 2012/10

Review article

Pechère A, Ehret G, Roffi M, Bonvini RF, Mach F, Martin PY

Curing by burning? What to expect from renal denervation in the treatment of arterial hypertension

Case report

Stadelmann M, Jeremy V, Giraud MN, Cook S

Ruptured neoatherosclerosis as source of late stent thrombosis

The new device

Gaemperli O, Corti R

MitraClip for the treatment of mitral regurgitation

Nietlispach F

Cerebral protection devices for transcatheter aortic valve replacement

The interesting ECG

Pruvot E, Zaugg Longchamp D

A tachycardia with QRS duration narrower than that during sinus rhythm

Reek S, Gloor HO, Meier H

Wide-complex tachycardia with heart failure

Images in cardiovascular medicine

Panneerselvam A, Palanimuthu R

Valentine in the heart

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