Collection 2012/09


Cocco G

Bureaucracy and medicine, an unholy marriage

Case report

Praz F, Wahl A, Meier B

Triple percutaneous patent foramen ovale closure

Toggweiler S, Carere RG

Does hyperthyroidism cause coronary vasospasms?

Pilgrim T, Vogel R, Meier B

Waiting for evidence seems to make sense - except for the one providing the evidence

The new device

Noble S, Basmadjian A, Ibrahim R

Transcatheter prosthetic paravalvular leak closure

The interesting ECG

Rigamonti F, Shah D

Bachmann bundle block occurring during radiofrequency ablation at the inter-atrial septum

Zimmermann M

« Bizarre you said bizarre »

Images in cardiovascular medicine

Moccetti F, Müller-Edenborn B, Weder W, Eriksson U

Dyspnoea and impaired ventricular filling due to infiltration of the left atrium with a lung adenocarcinoma

Official communications

Lüscher TF

Cardiology Update 2013 feiert das 20. Jubiläum. Davos, 10.-15. Februar 2013

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