Collection 2011/09


Lüscher TF

Charity in Gesellschaft und Wissenschaft Andrew Carnegie revisited

Review article

Carrel T, Erdös G, Eberle B, Englberger L, Pfammatter JP, Schmidli J, Kadner A, Stalder M

Surgical treatment of cardiac tumors - an overview and presentation of interesting cases

Original article

Schaefer HH, Sudano I, Häberer D, Noll G

Antihypertensive effect of aliskiren with/without thiazide diuretic as related to BMI and metabolic syndrome in general practice

Case report

Binder RK, Stolt V, Engelberger L, Aeberli D, Walpoth N, Janzen J, Allemann Y

Morbus Behçet associated aortitis mimicking infective endocarditis

Images in cardiovascular medicine

Scharen E, Paul M, Lüscher TF, Corti R, Manka R

Evaluation of acute peri-myocarditis with cardiac magnetic resonance imaging

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