Collection 2011/05

Original article

Quarella M, Toggweiler S, Müller DJ, Wyss CA, Corti R, Lüscher TF

Single-vessel versus multivessel PCI in patients with acute coronary syndrome and multivessel coronary artery disease

Bussell H, Kühne M, Osswald S, Sticherling C, Schaer B

Long-term follow-up of patients with AAI pacemakers for sick sinus syndrome: system upgrades and changes in Wenckebach block point behaviour

Sears O, Reinhart WH, Bonetti PO

Quality of lipid management in patients with a history of myocardial infarction in general practice in Graubuenden, Switzerland

Case report

Wagdi P, Siebenmann R

Unkonventionelle «Hybrid-Intervention» bei etabliertem Vorhof-flimmern

The interesting ECG

Isbary M, Schreen C, Christen S


Images in cardiovascular medicine

Breitenstein A, Herzog B, Biaggi P

Diastolic mitral regurgitation in complete atrioventricular block

Special communication

Meier B

Zum Abschied von Prof. Dr. med. Otto Martin Hess


Matter CM, Windecker S, Mach F, Rodondi N, Lüscher TF

Swiss Cooperative Study Acute Coronary Syndromes and inflammation

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