Collection 2010/09

Review article

Depairon M, Darioli R, Romanens M

Cardiovascular risk prediction with ultrasound

Cook S, Hess OM, Lerch R, Lüscher TF, Mach F

Concepts et évidences de l'importance de la fréquence cardiaque de repos dans la prévention et la prise en charge des maladies cardiovasculaires

Case report

Bloechlinger S, Ingold U

Cardiac Thrombus as primary manifestation of polycythemia vera

Pfister AJ, Schwab PR, Wahl A, Takala J, Meier B, Höfliger C

Preserved cerebral function after resuscitation and induction of hypothermia with packed snow

The interesting ECG

Mutschelknauss M, Rickenbacher P, Kühne M

Curing heart failure with cathether ablation?

Images in cardiovascular medicine

Enseleit F, Kretschmar O, Lüscher TF

Percutaneous implantation of an ASD occluder with intracardiac ultrasound

Sürder D, van den Berg JC, Moccetti T, Pedrazzini GB

Acute Leriche syndrome in an 83-year-old man with non NSTEMI after cardiac resuscitation because of ventricular fibrillation

Letter to the editor

Ritschard T, Meier B

«Courant normal» in der interventionellen Kardiologie?

Continuous medical education

Haegeli LM, Duru F, Lüscher TF

Moderne Technologien in der Ablation des Vorhofflimmerns

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