Collection 2010/1


Meier B

Switzerland Reports Žcourant normal in interventional cardiology, 30 years after inventing it

Review article

Benyounes N, Haddour N, Cohen A

Echocardiographie et sources cardiaques d'embolie

Original article

Windecker S, Roffi M, Pedrazzini G, Rickli H, Maeder T, Kaiser A, Stauffer C

Interventional Cardiology in Switzerland during the Year 2007

The interesting ECG

Ehl N, Ammannn P, Osswald S

Poor man's CRT

Images in cardiovascular medicine

Zaugg D, Jaussi A, Qanadli D

Asymptomatic right atrium extension of a hepatocellular carcinoma detected by echocardiography

Arrigo M, Sorgente A, Vassalli G, Moccetti T

Subclavian steal syndrome: a not-so-unexpectedŽ cause of syncope in a patient with ischemic cardiopathy and a CRT-D device

Special communication

Klingenberg R, Templin C, Altwegg L, Räber L, Carballo D, Auer R, Landmesser U, Maier W, Windecker S, Jüni P, Mach F, Rodondi N, Matter M, Keller F, Lüscher F

Inflammation and acute coronary syndromes (ACS) a clinical research network funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation

Amstein R, Toggweiler S, Lüscher F

6. Cardiovascular Roundtable, CARTA

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