Collection 2009/5

Review article

Benakis C, Hirt L, Du A

Inflammation and stroke

Darioli R, Meier B, Noll G

Aufruf zur Verbesserung des Cholesterinmanagements

Case report

Oechslin E, Turina J, Jenni R, Schuler K

Oldest survivors after repair of tetralogy of Fallot

The interesting ECG

Duru F

Narrow-complex tachycardia alternating with several sinus beats

Images in cardiovascular medicine

Zuber M, Auf C, Erne P, Mihatsch J

Uncommon history of a giant cell myocarditis

Official communications

Ritter M

Annual report 2008 of the Working group for 'Echocardiography and Cardiac Imaging' of the Swiss Society of Cardiology

Mordasini R

Jahresbericht 2008 der Arbeitsgruppe «Lipide und Atherosklerose» (AGLA) der SGK

Windecker S

Annual report 2008 of the Working group Interventional Cardiology and Acute Coronary SyndromsŽ



Bekanntmachchungen / Informations

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