Collection 2008/05

Case report

Mutter M, Brack T

Massive pericardial effusion: two rare aetiologies in one patient

The new compound

The interesting ECG

Seiler J, Lee JC, Roberts-Thomson KC

Regular wide QRS tachycardia complicating treatment for atrial fibrillation

Images in cardiovascular medicine

Husmann L, Valenta I, Gaemperli O, Wyss CA, Kaufmann PA

Low dose hybrid cardiac imaging in a 61-year-old male with atypical angina pectoris

Official communications

Alfonso F, Ambrosio G, Pinto JF, Van der Wall EE

European National Society Cardiovascular Journals

Continuous medical education

Riesen WF

LDL-Cholesterin: tiefer ist besser

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