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PD Dr Barbara Stähli will replace PD Dr Jan Steffel in the editorship of this journal

A new deputy editor for ­Cardiovascular Medicine

DOI: https://doi.org/10.4414/cvm.2018.00571
Publication Date: 20.06.2018
Cardiovasc Med. 2018;21(06):154-155

Thomas F. Lüscher

Senior editor CVM

A leading Swiss journal

Cardiovascular Medicine is the official publication of the Swiss Society of Cardiology, the Swiss Society for Angiology, the Swiss Society of Hypertension and the Swiss Paediatric Cardiology Society.

The journal has developed very well since its inauguration in 1994 and is widely read in Switzerland. Indeed, the journal is primarily a Swiss journal and published for physicians in general working in our country. As such it is an educational publication focusing primarily on review articles, editorials and case reports, and original research papers reporting new developments or outcomes in registries of Swiss patients. This focus has made it one of the most read medical journals in Switzerland among cardiologists and angiologists, according to the survey among readers performed by gfs-Zürich last year (fig. 1).

Figure 1: Journal reach among specialists in cardiovascular medicine and angiology in Switzerland, 2017.

New deputy editor

PD Dr Jan Steffel

PD Dr Jan Steffel who has worked enthusiastically for Cardiovascular Medicine for many years as a deputy editor has asked to resign and although we regret his decision, we fully understand it, and I would like to thank him for his invaluable support over the years.

We are happy to announce that PD Dr Barbara Stähli, a young cardiologist with an interest in vascular biology and interventional cardiology, has agreed to join us as a deputy editor for the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Dr Stähli studied medicine in Berne and then took up a research fellowship in cardiovascular physiology at the Institute of Physiology and the Department of Cardiology of the University and the University Hospital, Zurich in Switzerland. After a short visit in surgery at the Kantonsspital Aarau, she decided to become a cardiologist and trained in internal medicine in Langenthal and later in cardiology at the University Heart Centre at the University Hospital Zurich under the then director Prof. Thomas F. Lüscher. With a fellowship of the Swiss National Research Foundation within the Special Program University Medicine, after her basic cardiology training she became involved in cardiology research and moved in 2013 to the Montreal Heart Institute for an interventional and research fellowship in cardiology under the leadership of Prof. Jean-Claude Tardif. In 2016 she took over a staff position in the Cardiology Department at the Charité in Berlin under the director Prof. Ulf Landmesser and in February 2018 she returned to Switzerland as an attending physician in the Department of Cardiology at the University Heart Centre in Zurich.

Thus, Barbara Stähli brings with her all the know-how required to assess and choose appropriate papers for our beloved journal. We warmly welcome her as new deputy editor for Cardiovascular Medicine.

The editorship of our journal is now as follows: Prof. Dr Francois Mach and PD Dr Andreas Flammer, editors in chief; PD Dr Barbara Stähli and PD Dr Philippe Meyer, deputy editors; Prof. Dr. Thomas F. Lüscher, senior editor.

Prof. François Mach
PD Dr Andreas J. Flammer
PD Dr Barbara Stähli
PD Dr Philippe Meyer
Prof. Thomas F. Lüscher

Rejuvenation of the Editorial Board

The success of this journal has been possible only thanks to motivated editors and an active editorial board and the current editors would heartedly like to thank them for their invaluable support. At a recent editors’ meeting, the participants decided to renew the advisory board as well as the editorial board of Cardiovascular Medicine and to invite new and young cardiologists and cardiovascular scientists to participate.

Finally, Cardiovascular Medicine has excellent section editors who take care of specific issues of cardiovascular medicine such as “The New Device”, the “Interesting ECG”, “Images in Cardovascular Medicine” and “The New Compound”.

We will present the members of the new editorial board and the section editors in the next issue of the journal.


Professor Thomas F. Lüscher
Zurich Heart House
Hottingerstrasse 14
CH-8008 Zurich

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