Publication Date: 19.10.2016
Cardiovascular Medicine. 2016;19(10):278

Amstein Ruth

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Cardiology Update (11–15 February 2017)

Davos will once again be hosting the 22nd ­biennial Cardiology Update Course in February, 2017. This four-day course is among the major European meetings in cardiology that offer a comprehensive overview on the entire field of cardiovascular medicine, a scope that includes atherosclerosis, risk factors and ­prevention, coronary artery disease, acute coronary syndromes, revascularisation strategies, arrhythmias, cardiomyopathies, valve ­disease, heart failure and imaging modalities. The scientific programme was developed by the Zurich Heart House / University Hospital Zurich, the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, together with the two course directors, Prof. Thomas F. Lüscher from Zurich and Prof. Bertram Pitt from Ann Arbor, USA. A distinguished international teaching faculty contributes to an outstanding programme on the latest scientific and therapeutic developments, as well as on the newest intervention and treatment strategies in cardiology.

The key educational objectives are to review and disseminate the very latest knowledge about advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease, and also to provide an update on the most recent ESC Guidelines and to stimulate discussion about their impact on clinical practice. Traditional state-of-the-art lectures with discussion rounds will alternate with interactive ­seminars providing guidance for everyday practice. A particular emphasis will be placed on “Meet the Expert” sessions in which clinical cases will be presented and discussed with a focus on diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making in accordance with guidelines. Additionally, moderated poster sessions will provide young researchers with the opportunity to present their latest scientific findings. Also of note will be the variety of satellite symposia from industry partners, whose ­focus on recent developments in the drug and device industry will specifically address therapeutic innovations.

Cardiovascular clinicians, internists and primary care physicians attending will derive benefit from this four-day summit on the latest scientific updates and treatment modalities in being able to better serve their patients. The new Sunday to Wednesday schedule should help busy practitioners avoid long leave of absence from the workplace. As it ­offers great opportunities for networking among faculty members and participants, the course promises a stimulating environment for work and learning.

Audience, Cardiology Update 2015.
Profs Fausto Pinto (President of the ESC) and David Wood moderating a session.
Marc Pfeffer receiving the Davos Lecture Award from course directors Pitt (left) and Lüscher (right).
Prof. François Mach explaining the chain of events in cardiac disease.

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