Cardiovascular Medicine

Review article

Tchoumi A, Erikson U, Krasniqi N

SARS-CoV-2 und das Renin-Angiotensin-System: was wir wissen

Lüscher TF, Gallino A, Haegeli LM, Kobza R, Koskinas K, Miserez A, Nanchen D, Noll G, Pedrazzini G, Räber L, Sudano I, Twerenbold R, Amstein R, Mach F

Modernes Lipid-Management

The interesting ECG

Amberger H, Roten L, Reichlin T

Cardiogenic shock in a patient with recurrent wide-complex tachycardia

Official communications

Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Kardiologie

Stellungnahme zum Thema ACE-Hemmer/Angiotensin Rezeptor-Blocker und SARS-CoV2

An official publication

"Cardiovascular Medicine" is the official publication of the Swiss Society of Cardiology, the Swiss Society for Angiology, the Swiss Society of Hypertension and the Swiss Paediatric Cardiology Society.

A peer reviewed journal

The journal offers state-of-the-art knowledge from across the spectrum of cardiovascular medicine. All articles are written by experts and reviewed by other experts in the field.

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